Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is an examination performed by your Deer Park dentist to look for signs of cancer, or precancerous conditions, in your mouth.

Most dentists perform examinations of your mouth during your dental visit, including oral cancer screening.

Some dentists may add tests to aid in identifying areas of abnormal cells in your mouth.

Purpose of Oral Cancer Screening

The main goal of oral cancer screening is to detect cancer in the mouth, or precancerous lesions that may result in mouth cancer, at an early stage — when cancer or lesions are easiest to eliminate and most likely to be healed.

The factors that increase the risk of oral cancer are:

  • Smoking tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff.
  • Heavy alcohol drinking.
  • History of an oral cancer diagnosis.
  • History of significant sun exposure, increasing lip cancer risks.

Ask your Deer Park dentist if oral cancer screening is appropriate for you. Also, ask about the things you can do to reduce your risk of oral cancer.


Oral exams for oral cancer screening have some limitations, such as:

Oral cancer screening can’t spot all mouth cancers. It can be hard to detect areas of abnormal cells just by looking in your mouth, so it’s possible that small cancer or precancerous lesion could go undiscovered.

Oral cancer screening can also result in more tests. Many people have sores in their mouths, mostly noncancerous. An oral exam can’t determine which lesions are cancerous and which are not.

If your Deer Park dentist notices an unusual sore, you may go through further testing to determine its cause.

The only way to definitively decide whether or not you have cancer in the mouth is to remove some abnormal cells and inspect them in a procedure called a biopsy.

Preparation for Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening doesn’t require any special preparation. Oral cancer screening is usually performed during your dental appointment with your Deer Park dentist.

What to expect

During the oral cancer screening, your Deer Park dentist looks inside your mouth to check for red or white patches. Using gloved hands, your dentist checks for lumps or other abnormalities.

If you wear removable complete or partial dentures, your dentist or doctor will ask you to remove them so that the tissue underneath can be checked.

Additional Tests for Oral Cancer Screening

Special oral cancer screening tests may involve:

  • Washing your mouth with a special blue dye before an exam. Abnormal cells in your mouth may stain and appear blue.
  • Shining a light in your mouth. The light makes healthy tissues appear dark and makes lesions appear white.


If your dentist detects early signs of mouth cancer or precancerous lesions, recommendations may include:

  • A follow-up visit in a few weeks to check if the abnormal area is still present and note whether it has gotten bigger or changed over time.
  • Undergoing a biopsy procedure to determine whether cancer cells are present. Your Deer Park dentist may perform the biopsy, or you may be referred to a doctor who specialises in oral cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening at Deer Park Dental Surgery

Oral cancer screenings performed by your trusted Deer Park dentist are guaranteed safe and reliable.

We will help you detect early signs of oral cancer and will help you fight them before they progress.

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