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Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic treatment for people with an irregular bite or tooth irregularity.

Invisalign® improves the alignment of teeth by using a series of clear, removable aligners.

Invisalign® teeth aligners are custom-made to fit perfectly on your teeth.

They are almost invisible due to their transparent nature.

Who is Invisalign® treatment for?

Invisalign® is perfect for patients who find wearing metal braces awkward, especially teenagers, because it is virtually invisible.

Invisalign® is also best for patients with teeth spacing and bite issues.

Listed below are some common issues that Invisalign® treats:

Gaps Between Teeth

The space between two teeth is called a diastema. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but they are often noticeable between the two upper front teeth. Gapped teeth are commonly caused by thumb-sucking.


Crossbite is a form of malocclusion where a tooth (or teeth) has a more buccal (closer to the cheek) or lingual (closer to the tongue) position than its corresponding opposite tooth in the upper or lower dental arch. In other words, crossbite is a lateral misalignment of the dental arches.

Open Bite

An open bite is a type of malocclusion, or “bad bite,” that may require orthodontic interception to correct. This should not be confused with an overbite.

An open bite is a term used to describe when the upper and lower teeth are unable to meet with each other when the jaws are closed.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are a common problem in adults and children. The teeth overlap and twist. The jaw may be too small for the teeth, or the teeth may be unusually large.

Cleft lip or palate also cause crowded teeth. If left untreated, teeth crowding can lead to crooked teeth.


An overbite is when your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw. It is common for some patients to have a slight overbite of just one or two millimetres, but others have more severe bite issues. A malocclusion or deep overbite is when the overlap between the upper and lower teeth is more pronounced.


An underbite is when your lower teeth extend outward farther than the upper front teeth. This is also called a prognathism. It creates a bulldog-like appearance in the mouth and face.

How Your Aligners Are Made At Deer Park Dental Surgery

After a series of comprehensive examinations such as X-rays, digital imaging, and teeth impressions, your dentist at Deer Park Dental Surgery will create a 3D model of your mouth.

The model will be used to develop a method to align your teeth in the best way possible. The Invisalign® Company will customise your aligners for you. You will use new sets of aligners every two weeks.

Invisalign® at Deer Park Dental Surgery

If you don’t feel comfortable correcting your misaligned teeth (or bite) with traditional braces, then Invisalign® is for you.

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