Finding the Right Dentist in the Deer Park Area

Finding the Right Dentist in the Deer Park Area

Finding the Right Dentist in the Deer Park Area

Finding the Right Dentist in the Deer Park AreaDo you need to find a new dentist in the Deer Park area? Maybe you’ve switched job locations, moved to a new house, or want a change from your current dentist. It’s possible you are just anxious about dentistry.

A recent survey from King’s College London showed that dental anxiety harms a person’s emotional, social, psychological, and physiological states – and it makes them less likely to have a dentist! Whatever the reason you need a dentist; it is vital that you have one.

But sometimes a dentist is the last thing on your mind. However, not having a dentist is dangerous because, beyond your doctor, your dentist may well have the most significant impact on your health, both dental and general.

There are many dental office choices, and it can take time to find one that fits your needs. So don’t wait until you have a dental issue to pick a dentist!

To help you in your search for the perfect dentist, Deer Park Dental Surgery has provided a series of things to think about, questions to ask, and clues to look for when searching for a dentist. We’re confident you will eventually choose us!

Finding Your Dentist

As you search for a new dentist, it’s good to have some questions already in mind. Below are some questions we might ask. Consider what’s important to you in a dentist and add your questions to this list.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What insurance plans/discount/payment plans do you accept?
  • What are your hours? Are you available outside regular working hours should a dental emergency arise?
  • Where did you study and what are your qualifications?
  • Are there different options for fillings, dentures, and dental implants?
  • What kind of anaesthesia is offered at your dental office?
  • Is the office, including the waiting room, comfortable and with amenities?
  • Do you provide care for children and adults?
  • Do you have the latest well-tested technology in your office?

Once you have some questions in mind, begin your search. Here’s how:

Get recommendations. Talk to your family, friends, doctor, or pharmacist. Use sites like Google and Yelp to learn about the experiences and judgments of others.

Browse potential dentists’ websites to learn more. If the dentist doesn’t have a good website? Then move on, they are not that interested in you.

Choose a few top contenders. Once you have found some dental practices that meet your general criteria, get to know a little bit more about them. Learn about the practice, find out what associations the dentist belongs to, review any available testimonials, and watch any videos that may give you further practical insights.

Ask previous customers. When you visit a clinic, ask for contact info of former clients who have liked their service. You might also find past customers’ testimonials on the dentist’s website, but these are probably filtered.

Your gut knows. Finally, when it comes to deciding on the right dentist for you and your family, after considering the results of your research, also consider your instincts. When you walk into a dentist’s office it can be like walking into a bank or department store; just the look and feel can tell you it is a place you feel comfortable. If the dentist has passed your research and feels right, go with your gut.

Some things won’t be clear until you have an appointment. At this time you should look for the following signs:

Short wait time. An excellent dental office often strives to reduce wait times for patients. In some cases, emergencies intervene, but if you have to wait for a long time each time you visit the office, it could be an indication that the dentist doesn’t value your time as much as his own. Good dentists are as punctual as they can be.

Doesn’t push upsells. Your dentist shouldn’t push upsells unless they can accurately explain why upselling is a better choice for you. If the dentists pressure you without good reason, it’s a sign they are more interested in your money than your health.

Treats the staff respectfully. How does the dentist interact with staff? Do the dentist and other employees speak respectfully and kindly to one another? Does all the team seem to enjoy their jobs? Everyone has difficult days, but if you notice employees speaking badly or snapping at each other, it could be a hint to find another dental office.

If a dentist falls short of your standard in any respect, walk away. You have the right to have a great dentist and one who is perfect for you!

The Deer Park Dental Difference

Deer Park Dental Surgery delivers outstanding patient care and customer service to the growing community in Deer Park and its surrounding areas.
Our location is strategic as we are located in a busy medical centre in Brimbank Shopping Centre. We are also open on Saturdays, which cater to your family needs.

Parking is hassle-free.

Call us at (03) 9360 4417 or visit us at T097a Brimbank Shopping Centre Neale Road in Deer Park.

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