Deer Park Dentist Tips: Top 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Deer Park Dentist Tips Top 7 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Deer Park Dentist Tips: Top 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Deer Park Dentist Tips Top 7 Mothers Day Gift Ideas Mother’s Day is a great day, but for 90 per cent of us, it also means panicking and then running out to get our Mom something makeup or candy-related at 4:30 p.m. on the preceding Saturday.

Moms are our best friends, heroes, providers and protectors, but sometimes it is hard to find them just the right gift.

With Mother’s Day approaching fast around the corner, we would like to help with a Mother’s Day gift that demonstrates how grateful, thoughtful, and even practical you are.

Deer Park Dental Surgery is more than merely a dental clinic.

Our patients are our family, and we would like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the great Moms out there.

And in case you haven’t gotten anything for Mother’s Day yet, Deer Park Dental Surgery has compiled a list of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts that focus on dental health.

#1 Supplements for expectant or new Moms

Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth often get less sleep, which can harm bone tissue health and bone regeneration.

To battle this, these Moms need to take specific vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

Calcium builds and maintains teeth and bones, and magnesium is necessary for calcium to move throughout the body. Magnesium also supports restful sleep and reduces teeth grinding (bruxism).

So consider a gift of vitamins and minerals or a basket of skin-care products containing absorbable magnesium.

#2 Electric toothbrush

Who wouldn’t want to have their toothbrush kicked up a notch to a cool new electric version?

An electric toothbrush is a highly efficient teeth-cleaning device, offering improved plaque removal compared to manual toothbrushes.

Mothers with flexibility issues (arthritis, etc.) or fine coordination issues (tremors, etc.) will find electric toothbrushes more comfortable to hold and use than manual ones.

Electric toothbrushes also come with cool features, like built-in timers to ensure that your Mom brushes for long enough.

#3 Water flosser

Another tremendous technology-based tool is a water flosser. This is great for Moms who don’t like flossing (who likes flossing, anyway?).

A water flosser uses jets of water to knock bacteria and food debris from between teeth, where a toothbrush can’t reach.

This helps keep the spaces between teeth and gums clean and healthy. Similar to the electric toothbrush, the water flosser is ideal for a Mom with flexibility or mobility issues.

#4 Flavoured Dental Floss

Switching from the extremely practical to the odd, we have flavoured dental floss. Dental floss comes in a surprising range of flavours including absinthe and cupcake!

If neither of those seems spot on for your Mom, you might consider bacon-flavoured floss!

If your Mom doesn’t like bacon, or can’t eat it, consider these other options: Breakfast floss that tastes like waffles, bacon, and coffee; dill pickle floss, or ranch dressing flavoured floss. The range of available flavours is stunning!

To mix it up a little, you might use a few flavoured flosses as the basis of a dental-health gift basket with a selection of quirky dental products.

#5 Dental Emergency Kit

Does your Mom travel, or is she always around children? If so, a dental emergency kit may be just the right thing.

An emergency kit contains some basic first aid to deal with the most common dental emergencies until Mom can get to a dentist.

You can buy an emergency kit or create your own in a waterproof container.

A kit might include:

  • Deer Park Dental Surgery’s phone number – we’re here to help you!
  • cotton rolls
  • plastic tweezers
  • “Save-a-Tooth” kit
  • Orasol gel (0.75)
  • disposable dental mirror
  • disinfectant
  • dental floss
  • ibuprofen tablets
  • temporary fillings
  • dental picks
  • sterile gauze pads
  • wax

Add to this list any particular things your Mom’s dental condition might require, such as a temporary denture repair kit if she wears dentures.

#6 The Gift of a Brighter Smile

There are two primary modes of teeth whitening: at-home and professional whitening.

Professional Home Whitening System

Whitening kits are simple and cost-effective. Your Mom can see the results in as little as one or two weeks. With this method, Mom controls the degree of whiteness she wants.

LED Whitening

Teeth whitening performed at the office is carried out by our dental professional using an LED lamp and bleaching gel for teeth whitening.

The process takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the degree of whiteness your Mom wants. But the good news is she can walk in with dingy teeth, and just over an hour later walk out with teeth that are 8 shades brighter!

Teeth Whitening at Deer Park Dental Surgery

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