Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaw alignment problems using devices such as dental braces (fixed appliances)and plates.

By straightening the teeth, it helps to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases as straighter teeth are easier to clean. Misaligned teeth and bite issues can often cause an increase in plaque buildup between teeth. A build-up of plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay and inflamed gums.

Orthodontic braces are either fixed or removable:

  1. fixed – a non-removable brace made up of brackets that are glued to each tooth and linked with wires
  2. Removable –
  • Invisalign – Clear aligners that need to be replaced with a new set every 2-3 weeks to ensure the gradual movement of your teeth.
  • Myobrace – The Myobrace System is a no-braces approach to straightening your teeth and jaws. This is done through the use of a series of removable dental appliances that are worn for just 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping.